Hey there, artsy superhero!

Whether you’re teaching from home, virtually, on a cart, or anywhere in between…

Isn’t it time you had a SPARKLY sidekick to help you stay on top in the art room this year?

The Sparklers Club will help you lighten the load so you can bring your best to the art room in 2020.


This year has brought lots of messy challenges and new expectations for art teachers.

While you’ve been busy adapting to your “new normal”, we’ve noticed art teachers are asking questions like...

  • How can I give up my art room and teach art from a cart effectively?
  • How can I plan for the year when my teaching situation could change overnight?
  • How can I deliver lessons that are creative and rigorous with limited supplies?
  • What’s the best way to lead & engage kids in virtual lessons or from home?
  • … And how am I going to manage everything being asked of me right now?

One thing’s for sure: 

It’s hard to inspire creativity in your students when you’re stretched thin and overwhelmed.

(Not to mention the massive changes to how you’ll need to deliver and teach your lessons this year.) 

If you feel like all of your plans have been thrown out the window and you’re on unsteady ground…

You’re teaching art in uncharted territory. But you don’t have to navigate it alone.

We give you a sparkly shortcut to meeting your endless list of administrative requirements, both old and new…

So you can show up and do what you do best...

Because even though your circumstances have shifted dramatically, the new way you teach art doesn’t have to be needlessly stressful or boring

… And that’s exactly what we’re here to help you do.

"I feel much more organized, less stressed, & like I have a plan. I know where to go when I have a question about content or materials, & that was one of the unforeseen benefits- the community I found in the Sparklers Club. I didn't expect to find such an incredible, valuable and probably my most favorite part of being a member. Most recently, we have banded together to help each other through the remote teaching challenges. It has been so helpful to hear what others have been going through, and what has or has not been working."

~Jenny B, Sparklers' Club Member

It’s not about outsourcing your creativity...

It’s about handing over all the other stuff that gets in the way.

The Sparklers Club takes the guesswork (and stresswork) out of creating engaging art lessons and curriculums that tick all the right boxes in 2020...

  • One, two or three session lessons
  • Basic & inexpensive supplies
  • Lessons that work from home, from a cart, or a mix of both
  • Standards galore
  • Specific skill levels of your students 

And so much more...

Choose Your Membership Level

If you’re ready to s t r e t c h  your students’ imaginations, even in challenging settings…

The lessons and curriculums inside The Sparklers Club are the perfect foundation for a stellar school year.

And best of all… 

When you become a Sparkler, you’ll never wonder if your lessons have what it takes to engage student’s creativity and critical thinking.

With the right lessons for the right grade level...

your lessons will become engaging and irresistible to even the most skeptical creatives in your class.

With the right technique...

Students will build skills in an order that matches their natural stages of development.

With the right media...

You'll know exactly which lessons will work for you (and the amount of time you have to teach, prep and clean).

With the right subject matter...

Lessons become more exciting and memorable--because creativity doesn't have to be put on pause this school year.

All of this comes baked-in with every lesson and curriculum inside The Sparklers Club. 

With all the planning, decision-making, standards and more taken care of for you...

You’ll be able to make confident choices about your lessons more quickly, and focus your energy on supporting your students through the coming months (instead of whether a lesson will work).

With this year comes a whole new art adventure… but the destination is completely up to you!

  • You can use our resources as a foundation for your own creative ideas and tweak to your heart’s desire...
  • Keep us in your back pocket as your secret sidekick for fail-safe planning and “go-to” lessons when you need a helping hand…
  • Or simply let us do all the planning for you, for the entire year—so you can keep your creative energy high and take back control of your time.

Whichever path works best for you...

With The Sparklers Club by your side, you’ll have everything you need to show up and shine in the art room.

“My students (and school) are always amazed with the art they create! The kids are always very proud of their art, and this is especially important for those who find reading/math difficult. This past year my principal came into our art room and was so impressed with our project, that I was asked if we could do the project again for the wall near her office! It was great because all I did was set out the supplies and let the kids create.

~ Cathy, Sparklers' Club Member

This is your official invitation to join us inside…


We take care of the admin and planning so you can bring your best creative energy to the art room.


Turn your bright ideas into wildly successful lessons and curriculums that kids can't resist.


Even with limited supplies and resources, you can deliver projects that let kid's creativity soar.


What's inside The Sparklers Club?

New K-7 Art Lessons every month

Every month, we release a brand new Art Bundle to our members. Rigorous, engaging and fully mapped to national standards, we give you everything you need to teach with ease.

Each bundle contains 9-14 themed-based group of lessons for grades K-7 (ages 5-12) PLUS teaching resources to enhance the lessons.

Done-for-You Art Curriculums

Your membership includes access to two done-for-you art curriculums: The EPIC Curriculum (K-6) and our video-based Art Through The Ages Curriculum (K-7). 

Use them as a creative springboard for your own ideas, or follow the complete scope and sequence for a proven roadmap for your entire year. The choice is yours!

Access to Exclusive Art Trainings

Most recently, we’ve added exclusive art technique trainings for teaching art effectively to children.

Get access to monthly trainings on assessments, art techniques, rubrics, curriculum design and differentiating your lessons when you join. 

Your new favorite teacher community

There are plenty of art teacher groups online, but there’s nowhere like The Sparklers Club. 

More than bright ideas and creative inspiration, we give you access to a community that will be your source of support (and sanity) as you navigate the school year ahead.

Resources, guides and Templates Galore...

Immediate access to curriculum planning documents (yearly and monthly curriculums are done for you!), student art worksheets, assessment guides and beautiful art posters… we’ve got all your art room needs covered and are available anytime.

Weekly emails & support to design your week and get back in control

Every week we send a special letter to your inbox to help you start the week with clarity, confidence, and a whole new sense of energy. 

We help you design your week with intention and beat the Sunday night blues.

Keep scrolling to take a closer look at the art bundles...

Our art bundles give you everything you need to plot your next great art adventure!

All of our art bundles are designed around our special recipe for a wildly successful art lesson.

We make it fast & easy to find lessons that meet your requirements — including how much time you have, the supplies on hand, the technique or subject you want to teach, and the environment you’re teaching in.

Lessons can be easily remixed, customized and differentiated to suit your needs.

Our newest bundles are delivered to your inbox and uploaded to The Sparklers Club website on the 1st day of every month!

Watch the video below to see how the Sparklers Club works!

Inside every art bundle...


Step by step instructions = the perfect launchpad to teach art in your own way

All of our lesson plans are fully illustrated and step-by-step, to make your teaching time truly effortless. 

Many of our newer bundles even include videos and slide decks to help you introduce artists, movements and techniques to your class.

Use them “as is” or as a starting point for your own bright ideas.


From assessments to standards and everything in between, we’ve already connected the dots for you

Every art bundle is aligned with national standards, including I Can Statements, Common Core and NCAS, with matching assessment sheets for easy grading.

Win back your weekends and weeknights, and dedicate your energy to being present with your students. We’ve done the heavy lifting so your creativity can shine.


Lots of “just in case” resources and extras to round out your lessons

Keep your early finishers happy with additional exercises and supplemental worksheets to support your instruction.

Bundles also include extras to spark conversation with your students and engage them in thoughtful critique.


Endless ideas for lessons that flow

We have an incredible variety of lesson plans for almost any topic you can imagine, all beautifully arranged so you can find what you need fast.

Sort by technique or topic to build your lessons (or even your entire art program) around what you love. 

No more stringing mismatched lessons together… it’s time for a whole new kind of flow!

Here are 3 more ways your school year just got easier…


Made just for ART TEACHERS and artsy parents, our brand new digital Art Teacher Planner helps you eliminate the overwhelm that comes with planning your curriculum and managing your schedule.

This planner is made for every type of teacher and every type of need — from teaching  once a week or managing a jam packed virtual schedule. 

This digital planner is fully customizable to allow you to organize your month, plan your weekly or daily schedule, format your curriculum and manage your assessments.

Planner includes:

  • Art Project planning Pages for K-8
  • Yearly calendar with artists birthdays
  • Curriculum Maps for each grade
  • Weekly Planner to duplicate and customize with stickers that LINK to our lessons inside the membership.
  • Class lists
  • Grade Sheets
  • Seating Charts
  • Calendar stickers

Art on a Cart Mini-Curriculum

The Art on a Cart Mini-Curriculum is a done-for-you roadmap of fun and engaging lessons that use simple, low-prep supplies. This curriculum was created just for you as we enter into a school year where you may find yourself teaching remotely or on a cart. And just because your supplies may be limited, doesn’t mean that your students’ art has to be! 

The 3 bundles of this mini-curriculum for grades K-7 are full of rich, layered, dynamic lessons that extend those basic art supplies to their full potential. Each bundle contains full lesson plans for each grade level. The curriculum also includes resources to support you as you teach “Art on a Cart".

For those who prefer a proven path, your membership includes two fully scoped and sequenced art curriculums.

Our Sparkler-favorite EPIC Curriculum is a 12-month journey through the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.

The curriculum includes student learning objections, planning materials and guides, book lists, supply lists and more.
Planning documents are available for ALL members — unlocked the lessons by using your monthly credits — or join yearly to receive the entire EPIC curriculum instantly!

NEW! Plan your curriculum inside the Art Teacher Planner using our digital stickers for every. single. lesson inside the membership!

Art Through The Ages is a 10-part video-based curriculum that explores art through the lens of your favorite time periods and artists through history.

Curriculum includes a planning guide, digital posters, What-I'll-Learn Posters, book lists, supply lists and teaching videos.

Each of the 10 Lesson Bundles include video-based instructions (perfect for the home-educator) for grades K-7th.

Watch the video below to see what teachers are saying about the Sparklers' Club!

Want to see more of what teachers say? Check out our Testimonial Wall too!

Everything you get when you join The Sparklers Club today…

* 3 Bundles of Grade-Level Lesson Plans for K-7 per month > We add one, you pick two! value $195

* Exclusive Art Technique Trainings value $50 each

* Planning Documents & Resources for 2 Art Curriculums value $150

* Drawing Guides & Templates value $20

* Teaching Resources, Checklists & Slide Decks value $20

* Invitation to The Sparklers Club Private Community value priceless

* Weekly Sparklers-Only Zoom Meet-ups to create art value $25

* BONUS! Art Teacher Digital Planner value $39

* BONUS! Art-on-a-Cart Mini Curriculum Planning Documents & Resources value $50

* (Yearly Members) Full Year Access to the EPIC Curriculum value $780

TOTAL VALUE: $549 per month

Everything included in your membership is completely online. 

Access from anywhere, any time of day. 

All you need is a computer or tablet with an internet connection to start enjoying all the Sparklers Club perks right away.

Ready to become a Sparkler?

Choose your membership level below to get instant access to The Sparklers Club.


Monthly pay-as-you-go subscription. Cancel anytime.

Includes BONUSES:

  • Virtual Teaching Training (35+ PD hours)
  • Art Teacher Digital Planner


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Yearly membership for those who want to save $6 per month!

Includes BONUSES:

  • Virtual Teaching Training (35+ PD hours)
  • Art Teacher Digital Planner
  • PLUS, all 12 EPIC Curriculum Bundles! (144 lessons)

$336/year ($28 per month)

Have questions or need help enrolling? 

Email us at support@deepspacesparkle.com

You’re protected by The Sparklers’ Club 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re teachers too — which means we understand how important it is to invest in the resources and tools that will give us back more of the most valuable thing we have: time!

That’s why we’re giving you a full 3 days to explore the resources inside the Sparklers Club, and make sure it’s the right fit for you and your students.

If it’s not a fit, just email us at support@deepspacesparkle.com within 72 hours of your purchase, and we’ll refund your payment in full. 

No hassle, no strings attached.

"A lot of us talk about how we can practice self care because as much as being an art teacher is fun, it can be super stressful.
This is the best professional money I have ever spent. I have been a member since the first enrollment in 2016. 

I am a better teacher because of the Sparklers Club, and it allows me to focus on providing so many extras for my students. I have even started using an hour of prep time a week to eat lunch with students who need some extra TLC in their lives because I have the time, and I feel like it’s my way to pay the gift of what I get from this membership forward”

~ Elizabeth Laura, Sparklers' Club Founding Member

The artsy support system you’ve been looking for is here… and we can’t wait to meet you!

Meet Patty & Team Sparkle

When I opened the club for the very first time in 2016, my goal was simple: 

To support art teachers with vibrant, rigorous art lessons — so they could stop worrying about planning and bring more creative energy to the classroom.

But little did I know… 

I was building something much, much bigger than that.

Because art teachers need more than a library of lesson plans to feel like their most successful and creative selves.

Teaching art comes with incredible rewards and many challenges that few understand. And to thrive in 2020 and beyond… you need a support system that gets it

For 13 years, most people in my school thought of me as “the lady with the messy apron”. Well-meaning teachers and parents had no idea how hard I was working to help my students explore the world and build their confidence through art. 

To face the challenges and uncertainty ahead this year, you’re going to need a sidekick so you can keep showing up as the superhero you already are. And to bring your best and most energetic self to your students, you can’t keep doing everything alone.

So say yes to help where you need it — and let’s share the load together.

New Art Teachers
You want to make sure your art lessons are engaging, age-appropriate and rich in standards… and a whole lot of fun! You need a little “how to” support while you build confidence and find your groove.

Mid-Career Art Teachers
You have less time than ever and need to prioritize. You’re in a groove with your lessons and know how to manage a class, but you’re ready to get support with planning so you can bring  your best self to the art room.

Veteran Art Teachers
You’re confident in your skills as an art teacher, but you’re feeling a little “stuck” lately. It’s time to breathe new life and inspiration into your art program... and renew your creative energy!

Classroom Teachers
Perhaps you’re a teacher who doesn’t consider yourself a natural “artist”, but you’re excited to unlock your creative spirit with your students.

You want the tools and strategies to teach art like a pro and help your students explore the world around them, so you can create together with confidence.

Home-schoolers and New Home Educators
You teach art in a unique setting, like a studio, as a volunteer, or around your kitchen table. 
You want to save time and get instant access to vibrant lessons and curriculum that work for you and your students!

… And any teacher who needs help navigating the “new normal ”

Teaching has been turned upside as we know it, and The Sparklers Club is here to help you stay ahead of the curve. Discover proven lessons that work for your requirements.

We make it easy to identify how long lessons will take, which supplies you’ll need, and how to make it work for your specific class and environment, whether you’re teaching from home, in person, or in a hybrid setting.

When you join today, you get access to the “Art on a Cart” Planning Documents and our brand new Virtual Teaching video. We’re constantly looking for ways to keep you feeling supported through whatever this school year has in store.

Teaching virtually doesn’t have to be scary if you’re a Sparkler!

This training is designed to help you get the most out of your Sparklers Club membership while connecting with your students virtually, no matter what platform you are using. We will walk you through a sample lesson to give you a framework for success from wherever you're teaching!


“I really enjoy hearing from everyone around the country/world to hear how everything is looking for the upcoming year! It’s going to be an interesting one! But it’s SO reassuring to hear we’re all in it together!”

~ Kristi S, Sparklers' Club Member

And to make things even better...

We've teamed up with Artsonia so that you can pay for your Sparklers Club membership with your art sale proceeds! Artsonia is the world's largest collection of student art, published by teachers and students from around the world. Parents and family can view the art online, leave comments and order keepsakes featuring the artwork. To use your funds, simply select DEEP SPACE SPARKLE on your Artsonia account redemption page!


We've got A's for your Q's

How does the membership work?

The Sparklers Club is a subscription-based membership. This means that you pay monthly (or yearly) to access content via the exclusive Sparklers website.

Lessons are grouped by artist or theme and are released as a BUNDLE. A new art Bundle, training and art resources are added each month to our extensive Art Bundle library (over 90 Bundles and counting, which also now includes our BRAND NEW Art on a Cart mini-curriculum!)

Your membership allows you to unlock up to TWO new art bundles each month, in addition to the NEW Art Bundle we release to all members each month → that’s 3 Art Bundles in total each month!

The lessons in each Bundle include Common Core standards, I Can statements, visual art standards and assessments.

The lessons are offered as single PDF lesson plans to download or access through the site. Each lesson has a supply list, objectives, detailed instructions, standards & assessments and often instructional videos.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly membership at any time. Your membership will remain active for the current month, and you will NOT be billed for the next month, or any month thereafter.

Both the yearly and monthly plans are protected by our 7-day satisfaction guarantee. We’ve got you covered!

I only teach one grade level. Would the Sparklers Club be right for me?

Yes! The Sparklers Club offers a K-6 monthly or K-6 yearly membership. You will receive access to K-6 lessons in the bundles you choose to unlock and the bundles that Team Sparkle gifts to you each month.

I’m a studio owner. How will the membership work for me?

The Sparklers Club is a membership for art/classroom teachers who teach in an educational setting. We do not provide a license for brand name businesses that operate in brick and mortar locations or large scale online art classes.

Can I get an invoice so my school can pay for this?

Yes. Many teachers have been successful getting their school or district to pay. Sometimes it comes out of a Professional Development (PD) budget, sometimes from other places including PTA and PTOs.

There are a couple of options when a school or district is willing to pay. We don’t take Purchase Orders for subscriptions to The Sparklers Members Club, but in many cases, the school will reimburse you.

You can email us directly at support@deepspacesparkle.com to request an invoice or a template for a letter of support.

Another option is to start with a monthly plan, then later upgrade to yearly when the school or district is ready to reimburse you. This is the best way to get enrolled now while registration is open, and get started with all the great membership material. Then you can upgrade from a monthly to yearly plan within 2 months after signing up.

Either way, many teachers have found that the monthly expense is well worth the time they save and the support they receive.

Can I just subscribe to certain months?

Although you may cancel at anytime, membership registration only happens a couple of times a year (January and August). Your monthly fee won’t change or increase for as long as your membership remains active — even if the price increases for new members. If you should cancel (and you certainly can at anytime) and chose to join us again later, you will be charged the updated fee, as we typically increase the price of the membership once or twice a year.

Do you offer refunds if I’m unhappy with my purchase?

Yes. If after enrolling you decide that The Sparklers Club isn’t right for you, you can request a refund.

Just contact us at support@deepspacesparkle.com

You can also cancel your monthly membership at any time. Your membership will remain active for the current month, and you will NOT be billed for the next month, or any month thereafter (unless you decide to enroll again next time we open registration).

Do you offer volume discounts for multi-membership purchases?

Yes. We offer schools the chance for group memberships or a Staff Pass. Please contact support@deepspacesparkle.com for assistance.

How do I use my Artsonia funds to pay for my membership?

If you would like to use Artsonia Funds to purchase your Sparklers Club membership, you will need to go to the Artsonia website and request to transfer the funds to Deep Space Sparkle. K-6 monthly memberships are $34/month and K-6 yearly memberships are $336/year. Please send funds in these increments. For example, if you want to purchase 4 months upfront, send $144. If you would like to purchase a yearly membership you will need to send $336. Once your membership is set up, we will contact you with your login details with in 48 hours.

When you’re a Sparkler… 

It is absolutely possible to teach art without sacrificing creativity or fun, even in imperfect circumstances.

Creativity is not off the table inside The Sparklers Club. 

Whether you’re an art teacher veteran or a “stick-figure challenged” teacher, we’re here to help you rock your unique teaching style and bring your best, most authentic self to the art room (whether it’s virtual, in-person, or anything in between).

And when you’re ready… 

We’d love to help you make it happen.